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Custom Products & Services

Custom Designs
T & S welcomes the opportunity to work with our customers and meet their special design requirements. We can work with ideas, design concepts or specifications to produce unique packaging products. We have experts on our staff in all important technologies and use modern computer aided design systems to produce designs.

Product Development and Testing
T & S fully test new designs before releasing to production to ensure that our product fully meets the customer's needs. Depending on the requirements, we perform temperature, stress, shock, chemical, moisture, pressure and load testing.

Certified Quality Assurance
T & S can include specific customer QA requirements to certify our product compliance.

Flexible Manufacturing
T & S's plant is designed for flexible manufacturing operations permitting us to quickly set up our equipment for custom runs. For specific customers T & s Products has set up dedicated production lines to ensure reliable fulfillment or larger critical orders.

Custom Logistics
T & S provides custom logistics to ensure efficient support of our customer's manufacturing operations. That includes supporting just-in-time operations and maintaining guaranteed level of product in our warehouse. We own and operate our own fleet of trucks to ensure on time delivery.